Cables and Pipelines

To make decisions on the location and management of cables and pipelines, owners and operators need information on the constraints and risks posed by the natural environment and human activities or uses.

By integrating our in-house capabilities, ABPmer supports projects at all stages of their lifecycle, starting from feasibility and initial data collection to impact assessment and risk management.

We help owners and operators at the planning stage to identify preferred route corridors, provide marine input to options appraisal and support route optioneering. We assess issues relating to a wide range of marine topics including physical processes, marine ecology, ornithology, fish and shellfish, commercial fisheries and navigation. We have led and contributed to a number of environmental impact assessments and appraisals for subsea cables including interconnectors and wind farm export cables.

We are industry recognised specialists in marine physical processes assessment with technical expertise in geomorphological interpretation, modelling and data management. We have undertaken a large number of landfall assessments and seabed mobility investigations. Our expertise in the processing and analysis of shipping and fishing intensity data means we are also well placed to undertake cable burial risk assessments to inform appropriate burial depths. 

To learn more about our cables and pipelines services, contact Stephen Hull on +44 (0)23 8071 1849.


Stephen Hull

Business Development


+44 (0)23 8071 1849


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