Stephen Hull speaking at international conference on sea lettuce management


Stephen Hull, Director at ABPmer, will be speaking at the International Conference on Sea Lettuce Management in Jersey today (6 October). The 2 day conference, hosted by The States of Jersey Department for Infrastructure, has invited speakers from all over the world to discuss the management of sea lettuce in coastal environments.

Large quantities of sea lettuce regularly wash up on the beach in St Aubin’s Bay, Jersey. If left on the strandline the sea lettuce quickly starts to decay, affecting the amenity value of the beach. Stephen will be talking about the options for the use of the sea lettuce as a resource, particularly as an organic mulch on agricultural land and for use in composting.

The event is being held to hear from people of varied backgrounds about the challenges that sea lettuce has given them and to share any learning regarding the various techniques they have adopted.

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Stephen Hull

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