Sediment budget guidance published


Practitioner guidance we prepared for the Environment Agency on Sediment Budget Analysis is now available.

A sediment budget is a coastal management support tool used to understand the balance of inputs and outputs for a defined system (such as an estuary) and time period. This understanding can help determine if a system has an overall surplus (accretion) or deficit (erosion) of material. If the accretion and erosion figures are equal, then the system is considered to be in balance.

Sediment budgets are of central importance when managing the coast; they can help clarify if particular policies or coastal defence options will impact local sediment transport processes.

Part funded and written by ABPmer, the Guide outlines the need for sediment budget analysis and develops best practice. Written mainly for the FCERM community it’s also relevant to other coastal stakeholders including coastal managers and marine developers.

Download the Guide here

The Guide is the result of research commissioned and part-funded by the Joint FCERM R&D Programme with input from Channel Coast Observatory and CH2M.

The Joint Programme is jointly overseen by Defra, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government on behalf of all Risk Management Authorities in England and Wales.

The Environment Agency is formally launching the Guide at the 2018 Flood and Coast Conference in Telford.

Heidi Roberts, Head of Physical Processes at ABPmer, will be presenting the Guide to conference delegates on Tuesday 20 March.

Download the Guide here

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