NEW! North West Europe tide and surge hindcast available


We are delighted to announce that our recently created NW Europe tide and surge model and database are now being used in all our SEASTATES services.

We have developed the 37 year hindcast database of tidal and surge conditions to provide water level and flow parameters generated by both astronomic (tidal) and meteorological forces across the North West European Continental Shelf and North Sea.

Download the Tide Surge Model Validation report here

As a part of the launch of this new SEASTATES product, the Tide Surge Model Validation report is available for free download. The report demonstrates the high level of accuracy of the model in reproducing tidal and surge water levels and currents at 72 locations around North West Europe as well as detailing the data used to inform the model setup and validation .

ABPmer has already started to make use of this valuable information resource to support clients’ offshore and coastal metocean projects.

Call Jamie Hernon (+44 (0) 2380 711 879) to understand what our the 37 year hindcast of tidal and surge conditions can do for you

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Jamie Hernon

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+44 (0) 2380 711 879