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Using Dredge Materials and Other 'Wastes' to Benefit Our Coasts

London, 17 November 2016

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In the UK, many stakeholders wish to see a greater importance being placed on the beneficial use of dredged sediment and other “waste materials” in the coastal zone. Opportunities are increasingly being sought for protecting coastal habitats with saltmarsh recharge, enhancing coast protection through beach nourishment and for construction fill in reclamation projects.

There are already several valuable examples of this work which demonstrate the social, economic and environmental value of such schemes. However, whilst the beneficial use of waste is encouraged by regulators, there are still many challenges associated with marrying the source of waste to a site of need.

With sustainable coastal defence a preference and the condition of saltmarshes and beaches a concern for both coastal managers and conservationists alike, this year’s Habitat Creation Conference will focus on recycling dredge materials and other “waste” excavations for coastal habitat restoration and protection.

The programme looks at the drivers and constraints as well as showcasing some implemented projects and their related benefits. And as usual, there will be plenty of networking time for meeting others with an interest in this field.

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