Cost benefit analysis of using dredged sediment to restore and create intertidal habitat


In November 2016 we hosted a national conference that considered the beneficial use of dredged sediment for habitat restoration or creation. At that event it was highlighted that one of the several barriers to implementing such ‘recharge’ schemes is that they often incur extra costs when compared with standard practices for dredge material disposal. Furthermore, there is often a lack of agreement, and clarity, about the value to society of such ‘beneficial use’ work. These factors then present challenges with securing funding which limits the degree to which such projects can be realised.

To clarify these aspects, we have prepared a White Paper that reviews the range of different techniques that have been employed for previous habitat restorations and considers the fees they have incurred. It then looks at the Ecosystem Service benefits they can deliver to society and collates the findings within a hypothetical ‘beneficial use’ test case.

It is hoped that by throwing some light on this subject, this paper will promote further communication on this topic and help to inform and support the implementation of future projects with the potential to deliver substantial societal benefits.

Download our White Paper here:
Using Dredge Sediment for Habitat Creation and Restoration: A Cost Benefit Review


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