Boundaries of all completed UK coastal habitat creation schemes added OMREG


We are pleased to announce an update to our OMREG database that outlines all existing managed realignment and regulated tidal exchange schemes in the UK. From our work, as a leading consultancy in the field of intertidal habitat creation, we recognise that it can often be difficult to pinpoint the location of completed projects let alone view the boundaries of these sites. 

We hope the boundaries update will be useful for the many practitioners, academics, students and other interested parties who want to see the extent of completed habitat creation projects in the UK.

Click here to view the updated OMREG database

How we did it
The boundaries update was created from various sources. Firstly, we used in-house data from the many UK sites that ABPmer has had direct involvement in designing, assessing and implementing. Secondly, using information from our OMReg database, we have collected numerous maps which we have used to draw the outlines of the sites. Outlines have also been based on aerial imagery, when available. The boundaries of those sites which are surrounded by embankments were relatively easy to draw. Sites where a natural transition into rising ground exists were somewhat trickier. Here, the approximate line of Highest Astronomical Tide was used as was the evidence from aerial imagery (e.g. obvious vegetation transitions).

Please note that the overall area of habitat creation sites often includes transitional and terrestrial habitats (e.g. mitigation areas). For the update, mostly intertidal habitats were mapped, with the exception of those sites which are surrounded by embankments, here the embankment crest line was used to delineate the site, and transitional/terrestrial habitat areas would frequently be included within this extent.

Click here to view the updated OMREG database.

Prepared by Colin Scott, Habitat Creation Specialist

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