ABPmer renews EIA Quality Mark for excellence in Impact Assessments


The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) has awarded ABPmer their EIA Quality Mark for the third consecutive year, in recognition of our commitment to excellence in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) activities.

IEMA, the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, is an expert body in the EIA field. IEMA awards their Quality Mark to UK developers and consultancies that:

  • Effectively manage their EIA process
  • Maintain staff capabilities relating to EIA development
  • Present transparent, understandable assessment findings
  • Take action to improve EIA practice

The Institute reviews registrants annually to ensure they continue to deliver added value to their clients.

In our recent assessment, IEMA commended ABPmer for “the thorough nature of assessing proposals” and “the recruitment of highly qualified staff with marine research backgrounds and support of graduates with work placements.”

Natalie Frost, Head of Environment for ABPmer, said “We are delighted to be awarded the EIA Quality Mark once again. IEMA’s comments are a testament to the hard work of our team, and our commitment to ensure clients are supported by qualified professionals who deliver best-in-class EIAs.”

IEMA highlights four benefits in using an EIA Quality Mark registrant: confidence that they will deliver an efficient and effective assessment, cost effectiveness through their access to all the latest EIA resources, credibility in the eyes of consenting authorities, stakeholders and local communities, and technical capability through their commitment to ongoing staff training and development.

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