ABPmer joins PIANC 'beneficial use of sediment' Working Group


Coastal restoration specialist, Colin Scott, is in Brussels today to discuss beneficial use of sediment.

As a member of the newly formed PIANC 'beneficial use of sediment' Working Group he will be joining other experts from around the world to develop new guidance on the subject.

To help identify the key issues and actions required, Colin will share the challenges, barriers and lessons gained from UK experience of using dredge material to restore coastal wetlands. The final collaborative report will provide guidance to practitioners to help identify, define and ultimately realise sediment management alternatives for waterborne navigation projects.

In 1992, PIANC published Beneficial Use of Dredged Material: A Practical GUIDE and in 2009 a PIANC Working Group investigated this topic in detail with the help of Peter Whitehead at ABPmer.

Now, 10 years on, PIANC is revisiting the valuable 2009 review to help inform future beneficial use projects based on current knowledge.

There have been many interesting initiatives in this sector over the last decade which the new Working Group will need to consider. However, many of the issues and challenges highlighted by PIANC in 2009 still very much persist. 

This is an important subject both in terms of minimising the need for waste disposal and also the potential to contribute to the maintenance and restoration of natural ecosystems. We are looking forward to contributing to this new Working Group.

See also: ABPmer’s Beneficial Use of Sediment Conference

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