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Modifying structures for biodiversity enhancement


In recent years, an increasing amount of research has been directed towards the idea of enhancing the ecological value of coastal structures. 

Displacement of fishing effort from Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) – Report Published


The number of management measures in MPAs in England that affect the fishing sector is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years.

The Geospatial Industry in a ‘Smarter’ and more Connected World - GeoCom 17


GeoCom 17 is the Association for Geographic Information’s annual conference, being held at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington, London, this Thursday 26 October. 

10 things you might not know about EurOtop


Overtopping and coastal flooding are a growing concern in the UK due to sea-level rise and possible increase in storminess associated with climate change. 

Stephen Hull speaking at international conference on sea lettuce management


Stephen Hull, Director at ABPmer, will be speaking at the International Conference on Sea Lettuce Management in Jersey today (6 October).

Cost benefit analysis of using dredged sediment to restore and create intertidal habitat


In November 2016 we hosted a national conference that considered the beneficial use of dredged sediment for habitat restoration or creation. 

The value of point cloud data


Since the Environment Agency’s (EA) decision to make all LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) point clouds publicly available, they have become a commonly used data source allowing better informed decisions to be made at lower cost.

ABPmer awarded Cyber Essentials certification


We are delighted to announce that our IT and internet management systems have been awarded Cyber Essentials certification.


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