Marine Data and GIS Course 

With the advent of marine planning, spatial data is becoming increasingly important in sustainable decision making.

ABPmer’s experienced GIS consultants have teamed up with GeoData’s GIS trainers to provide a 3 day course that uses real world projects to illustrate how marine and coastal datasets can be used to support decision-making.

The course is based on the provision of practical illustrations of GIS concepts and techniques through the use of suitable datasets.

As well as introducing you to marine data and GIS, the course will also consider common problems faced when mapping marine environment and provides the opportunity for discussion with the experts about specific issues.

2015 Course Dates:  27 - 29 January, 28 - 30 April

For information on the course modules please download the course outline or to book your place go to Geodata’s training page

To discuss your training needs call 023 80711859

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GeoData Institute

Course in progress